John McCormick
Born in Bogota, Colombia in 1994, and adopted during a post Pablo Escobar drug war era in 1996, I moved to America at a young age with my family. Throughout my years growing up I was always creative, and gravitated around music. After an enlightening experience I had at Lollapalooza in 2011, I realized that art and music can co-exist to create a truly magical space for people to be inspired in.
As a Junior in high school at the time I had basically zero idea of what career path I wanted to get into, and what colleges I would apply to. During my senior year I enrolled in a graphic design class that introduced me to the reality of being an artist with my life. 
In 2012 I enrolled in Columbia College Chicago into the graphic design program. Along with furthering my adobe suite skills, and founding their Hip Hop club,  I truly learned how to network and build relationships that still seem to present opportunities to me to this day.
Upon graduating from Columbia I got my start in advertising at a Chicago based agency called OKRP. I worked on accounts like Chilis, Big Lots, Taco Bell, and ACE. 
What followed advertising for me, was a dream job in the booming CBD industry in Colorado with Steves Goods. There I began to build a portfolio filled with social media graphics, product photography, videography, and event photography.  
My passion projects are my personal digital designs, hand drawn illustrations, my unfolding hip hop music journey, live painting murals, and incorporating sustainable practices and materials into my expression.